Supplementary materials for ICCV 2007 submission # 1675

Optical flow data sets with ground-truth motion

Below are the 9 datasets used in our evaluation. There are 4 types of data: Hidden texture, synthetic, stereo, and high-speed camera. Ground-truth motion is available for all but the last.

Move the mouse in and out of the images to toggle between the first and second frame. The ground-truth motion fields are encoded using the color scheme on the right, using the maximum motion present to normalize the range. Black means unknown motion.

Dimetrodon (Hidden texture)    

Seashell (Hidden texture)    

Rock (Synthetic)    

Grove (Synthetic)    

Yosemite (Synthetic)    

Venus (Stereo)    

Moebius (Stereo)    

Crumple (High-speed camera)    

Phone (High-speed camera)