Optical Flow Evaluation - File Upload

As described on the submit page, please upload a file "yourLastName.zip" that contains subdirectories for each of the 12 evaluation datasets, each containing a file "flow10.flo". If you only want interpolation results evaluated, upload a zip file with a directory for each of the 8 interpolation sequences, each containing your interpolated frame using the filename "frame10i11.png".

Please avoid spaces in the filename and the containing folder names. If you are uploading a second version, please add a number to the filename (e.g., "yourLastName2.zip"). Do not upload files larger than 99 MB.

Please note: Running the evaluation is a manual process. It usually takes 2-5 days to process the results. If you don't hear from me, please send me an email. If it is a time-sensitive submission, please send me an email right away.

Do not use the evaluation process for algorithm development, debugging, or parameter tuning (use the "other" datasets for that). Only upload reasonably "final" results, ready to be included in a conference or journal submission. To prevent tuning to the test data, we allow no more than 2 rounds of evaluation per method.

If you upload results without providing all required information below, I will simply ignore your submission. Again, I can only evaluate novel, "final" results, ready to be submitted to a journal or conference.

File to upload:
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Be patient after clicking upload...

Note: after we run the evaluation, you will be able to see your results on a "private" page first, and we will not make your results public without your consent.

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