Proceedings of the second international ISPRS workshop

BenCOS 2007

Towards Benchmarking Automated Calibration, Orientation,
and Surface Reconstruction from Images

Held with IEEE CVPR 2007, Minneapolis, MN, Saturday, June 23, 2007


  ISPRS WG III/1 on Automatic Calibration and Orientation ISPRS WG III/2 on Surface Reconstruction
Ilkka Niini, Oy Mapvision Ltd., Finland
Camillo Ressl, Vienna University of Technology, Austria        
Peter Sturm, INRIA, France
Olaf Hellwich, Technische Universitt Berlin, Germany
Volker Rodehorst, Technische Universitt Berlin, Germany
Daniel Scharstein, Middlebury College, USA

Final Program

8:45- 8:55 am   Welcome
8:55-10:10 am   Session 1: Evaluation    (Chair: Daniel Scharstein)
A Comparison of PMD-cameras and stereo-vision for the task of surface reconstruction using patchlets.
   C. Beder, B. Bartczak, and R. Koch.
A benchmarking dataset for performance evaluation of automatic surface reconstruction algorithms.
   A. Bellmann, O. Hellwich, V. Rodehorst, and U. Yilmaz.
Feasibility boundary in dense and semi-dense stereo matching.
   J. Kostlivá, J. Cech, and R. Sára.
10:10-10:30 am   Break
10:30-11:30 am   Plenary talk: Benchmarking in Computer Vision
   Dr. Richard Szeliski, Microsoft Research
11:30-11:40 am   Break
11:40-12:30 pm   Session 2: Orientation / Evaluation    (Chair: Camillo Ressl)
Influence of numerical conditioning on the accuracy of relative orientation.
   S. Segvic, G. Schweighofer, and A. Pinz.
3D pose estimation based on multiple monocular cues.
   B. Barrois and C. Wöhler.
12:30-2:00 pm   Lunch
2:00-2:50 pm   Session 3: Orientation    (Chair: Ilkka Niini)
Image-based localization using hybrid feature correspondences.
   K. Josephson, M. Byröd, F. Kahl, and K. Åström.
Integration of motion cues in optical and sonar video imaging for 3-D positioning.
   S. Negahdaripour, H. Pirsiavash, and H. Sekkati.
2:50-3:10 pm   Break
3:10-4:00 pm   Session 4: Surface reconstruction    (Chair: Volker Rodehorst)
Efficient sampling of disparity space for fast and accurate matching.
   J. Cech and R. Sára.
A quasi-minimal model for paper-like surfaces.
   M. Perriollat and A. Bartoli.
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