2005 Stereo datasets with ground truth

These 9 datasets were created by Anna Blasiak, Jeff Wehrwein, and Daniel Scharstein at Middlebury College in the summer of 2005, and were published in conjunction with two CVPR 2007 papers [3, 4]. Each image below links to a directory containing the full-size views and disparity maps. Shown are the left views; moving the mouse over the images shows the right views. We're withholding the true disparity maps for three of the sequences (Computer, Drumsticks, and Dwarves) which we may use in future evaluations. (More details below.)

Art Books Dolls
Laundry Moebius Reindeer
Computer Drumsticks Dwarves

Dataset description

Each dataset consists of 7 views (0..6) taken under three different illuminations (1..3) and with three different exposures (0..2). Here's an overview. Disparity maps are provided for views 1 and 5. The images are rectified and radial distortion has been removed. We provide each dataset in three resolutions: full-size (width: 1330..1390, height: 1110), half-size (width: 665..695, height: 555), and third-size (width: 443..463, height: 370). The files are organized as follows:
The file "exposure_ms.txt" lists the exposure time in milliseconds. The disparity images relate views 1 and 5. For the full-size images, disparities are represented "as is", i.e., intensity 60 means the disparity is 60. The exception is intensity 0, which means unknown disparity. In the half-size and third-size versions, the intensity values of the disparity maps need to be divided by 2 and 3, respectively. To map the disparities into 3D coordinates, add the value in "dmin.txt" to each disparity value, since the images and disparity maps were cropped. The focal length is 3740 pixels, and the baseline is 160mm. We do not provide any other calibration data. Occlusion maps can be generated by crosschecking the pair of disparity maps.

You can download zip files of the datasets in the following configurations:

Each directory contains zip files for all the scenes, both with all 3x3 combinations of illuminations and exposures, and with just one illumination and middle exposure. In the latter case, the view images have been moved from the Illum1/Exp1/ directory into the main scene directory. Finally, all third-size, 2-view, single illumination/exposure datasets can be downloaded as a single file ALL-2views.zip (4.7MB).

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