Middlebury Stereo Benchmark v.3 Results Snapshots

These are historical "snapshots" of the results table. See the latest results here.

2019_11_16Snapshot from November 16, 2019Before major cleanup of old submissions
2017_01_07before rounding bug fixWe fixed a rounding issue on 1/8/2017. This affected the error numbers for the three "old" image pairs with integer ground truth (test/Computer, training/ArtL, and training/Teddy), for which submitted disparities should have been rounded to integers (at full resolution) before evaluation.
2015_09_14ELAS updateSnapshot before updating ELAS results. The old ELAS results were worse because of a bug in the conversion to grayscale images (using ImageMagick's "convert" under linux). The conversion is now done via the code in the SDK 1.6.
2015_03_26Evaluation code updateThis snapshot was created before we updated the evaluation code and metrics.