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We do not provide any implementations of state-of-the-art stereo algorithms. However, we do provide our evaluation SDK, as well as cvkit, a light-weight toolkit including an image and mesh viewer designed to work with our 2014 datasets.


The evaluation SDK can be downloaded from the submit page.


cvkit is a light-weight tool kit for working with images in various formats, including disparity maps in .pfm format. It was developed by Heiko Hirschmüller. The source code is maintained on Github; here we also provide links to recent releases for Linux/Mac and Windows:
Latest version:
Linux/Mac source:
Windows installer:
The code contains "sv", a light-weight image viewer with useful visualization features, as well as "plyv", a fast mesh viewer that can also render .pfm disparity maps in 3D. For more information, see


The StereoMatcher code that was part of our 2002 IJCV taxonomy paper is no longer available.











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