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Middlebury Stereo Evaluation - Version 2 - INACTIVE

As of June 11 2015, the stereo evaluation version 2 has been taken offline and is no longer accepting new submissions.
Please consider participating in the evaluation version 3 instead.


We are inviting other researchers to run their stereo algorithms on the four image pairs Tsukuba, Venus, Teddy, and Cones. If you are interested in participating, please submit the resulting disparity maps using the form-based interface below. Note that you will have to scale the resulting disparity maps by integer factors (shown below) before submitting them. Also, we evaluate disparities everywhere (except for a border region in the Tsukuba and Venus images), so if your method does not produce disparities in some regions (e.g., borders, occlusion), you will have to come up with a way of extrapolating the disparities into those regions.

After submitting your images, your results will be compared to the other results in a temporary table. Once you have submitted all images, you can request that your results be added to the permanent table. Note that we still require that your method is run with constant parameters on all 4 image pairs, except for the disparity ranges.

Download the image pairs: (2.3 MB, 8 color images in png format)











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