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We do not provide any implementations of state-of-the-art stereo algorithms. However, we do provide our evaluation SDK, as well as cvkit, a light-weight toolkit including an image and mesh viewer designed to work with our 2014 datasets. We also still provide our older StereoMatcher code, which was used for the earlier versions of the stereo evaluation.


The evaluation SDK can be downloaded from the submit page.


cvkit is a light-weight tool kit for working with images in various formats, including disparity maps in .pfm format. It was developed by Heiko Hirschmüller. The official distribution is now hosted here:
Linux / Source: cvkit-1.7.0-src.tgz
The code contains "sv", a light-weight image viewer with useful visualization features, as well as "plyv", a fast mesh viewer that can also render .pfm disparity maps in 3D. For more information, see the README and USAGE files here.

Note: The pfm bug of the windows version has been fixed with version 1.7.0.


Here you can still find the source code for "StereoMatcher", a stand-alone C++ implementation of many stereo algorithms as well as an evaluation module, which was published together with our 2002 IJCV taxonomy paper. The code is no longer maintained, and it is not an implementation of state-of-the-art stereo methods. In particular, faster (but still dated) implementations of the global methods (graph cuts and belief propagation) are available as part of our MRF library.

The StereoMatcher source code can be downloaded from the Microsoft Research Download Page. Here is a direct link to the StereoMatcher download page. Be sure to also download the patch in Note 2 below.


  1. The downloaded file "StereoMatch_1_0.exe" is a self-extracting archive. On a Unix system, rename the file to "", then unzip it.

  2. There are some bugs in the original distribution. To fix them, download (last updated 2/4/2011), unzip it in the original "StereoMatch" directory, and overwrite the affected files.

  3. The URL for the graph cut code (PRF) has changed - it can now be found at (download prf.tar).

  4. Marshall Tappen has implemented a Belief Propagation extension to our stereo code that is available for download.

  5. Kuk-Jin Yoon has implemented his adaptive support-weight approach as an aggregation module to our stereo matcher code. To use the code, download the file (last updated 12/2/2006) and unzip it within the StereoMatcher directory (after unzipping Stereo-patch from step 2 above). This will add two new files and replace some of the original files. Sample scripts files to run this code are in Note: since his code was adapted to fit our framework, it does not produce exactly the same results as in his paper. contains sample script files that demonstrate how to use our code. To use these scripts, first download (9.1 MB) which contains the 4 image sequences and the parameter files used by our code. Then, unzip within imagedirs/ to create a subdirectory imagedirs/Scripts. Finally, run the executable on the top-level script as follows:

StereoMatcher.exe script exp_all.txt
See the script files for more information. (Note: if, under unix, you get errors like "could not cd to ../map", try removing the DOS carriage return characters from the script files using a tool like dos2unix.)











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